How to make the most of eating out in Mallorca

I remember it well. An unseasonably cool, wet Monday afternoon in Palma, Mallorca’s picturesque capital city. Fancying a tasty lunch, off we went to Restaurante Casa Gallega just around the corner from Plaza Espana. We wouldn’t have a problem getting a table on such a damp day so early in the week surely? The place was absolutely heaving – we had to wait 10 minutes for a table!

Lesson number one: book in advance. OK, there’s no need to reserve every time you visit a restaurant in Mallorca by any means. But if it’s a popular destination and it’s high season, it’s definitely recommended.

Mallorca food

Booking a restaurant in Mallorca

Don’t worry about the language barrier. Most popular restaurants will speak English. Or why not practise your Spanish? You’ll often find that they appreciate you making the effort and will go out of their way to look after you.

One of the more pleasurable experiences of spending time on this beautiful island is going out for a meal. Mallorca has a fabulous restaurant scene – amazingly there are over 2,000 on the island. Whether it’s glitzy Michelin stars or down home simple and cosy, you’ll find there’s something for every taste.

“Talking of taste, what a wonderful way the Mallorcans have with food. It’s always a good idea to begin your culinary journey by going native”

A variety of cuisine to choose from

You can’t beat good old Spanish tapas for tantalising the tastebuds. My personal favourites are albondigas (meatballs), calamari (squid) and patatas bravas (roast potatoes in a spicy paprika sauce). All washed down, naturally, with a glass of Rioja.

Mallorca wineThen there’s paella. What can I say but ‘Wow!’ This simple but delicious rice dish is an absolute must when in Majorca. If it arrives in a traditional paellera (cast iron paella pan); when you come towards the end of your meal, ask the waiter to scrape up the residue to benefit from the full-on taste experience. (They have a special implement for this.)

But it’s not all about Spanish cooking, delightful though it is.

Sushi has become very popular on the island. Chinese and Indian restaurants abound. There are some amazing seafood restaurants. And many English-run restaurants offer a hearty, traditional Sunday Roast if you’re missing the food back home.

Don’t forget the wine

Then there’s the wine. Dry white wines such as Vina Sol are popular and also very competitively priced. Rioja is world-famous and rightly so. You could try the not so well-known Ribera del Duero for something different. Or why not help boost the local economy by sampling Mallorcan wine – it’s wonderful.

Buen aproveche!

5 tasty tips to eating out in Mallorca

  • Spanish meal times are different to ours. It’s not unusual for restaurants to open between 7.30pm and 8pm in the evening.
  • Book in advance in high season. A simple telephone call will suffice. Many restaurants also offer an online reservation facility.
  • Try Menu del Dia (Menu of the Day). This is usually for lunch only and is incredible value. You’ll be able to enjoy a starter, main course and dessert along with water and wine for between 10 – 15 euros.
  • Tip the staff if you are pleased with the service. Around 10% is the norm.
  • Write a review. If you enjoyed the experience, why not tell the world about it?

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