Doctors on Mallorca

Hopefully you will be amongst the vast majority of holiday makers whose holiday goes perfectly, but if you’re not then it’s good to know there are over 100 foreign doctors registered to practice on the island, many of whom speak more than one language, usually English and German.

Most holiday resorts have at least one medical centre, and usually they are very easy to find, with large signs pointing them out.  Some of the larger ones offer 24 hour services and appointments are not always needed.

Most of them are general practitioners who will help you to recover from the day-to-day illnesses that can occasionally happen while you are on holiday, things such as upsets tummies, earaches, and skin rashes. If you have a complaint that’s more serious, or an injury, they will refer you to one of the local hospitals for care.

Whether you are being dealt with by a GP or a hospital, you will find the standard of healthcare in Mallorca is very high.

Charges to see a doctor are not extortionate, but most of them accept your travel insurance, if it covers this eventuality.  You should check your policy before visiting a doctor to find out if you’re covered.

English speaking doctors in hospitals

If you are unlucky enough to have to attend hospital because of a serious illness or injury while on holiday, you will find many of the doctors speak English, particularly in the hospitals near to tourist areas.  If they do not, most of them offer an interpreter service to help get over the language barrier.

english doctors mallorca


Once you have seen the doctor, you may well need to find a chemist for the prescription they may have given you, these are easily distinguished by the large green cross they all display.

Although many of them are open normal Mallorcan hours, which means they shut for the afternoon, they do often stay open later in the evening, usually till about 8.30pm. Generally, the pharmacists will give you advice on basic medical problems, and may be able to save you a visit to the doctors.

For all the key telephone numbers and some additional information check out our ‘Mallorca’s Emergency Numbers‘ page.

Lets hope you do not become ill when you are renting a luxury property from Balearic Villas.  Once you have settled in to one of over 800 villas we have on offer, we hope you do not get a tummy upset, earache, skin rash or anything else that needs medical attention.

With over 15 years experience in the Mallorcan holiday villa industry, we have the expertise to create the perfect independent-living holiday for you and your family or friends.  Our multilingual holiday villa experts will provide you with an excellent service when you are organising your luxury accommodation, and will let you have the details of some of the extra services we offer, such as car hire, a private chef at your villa, or spa days and massages.

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Doctors on Mallorca

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