What If I Need A Doctor To Visit Our Villa?

There is no doubt that a relaxing holiday in one of the Mediterranean’s most picturesque locations is just what the Doctor ordered (excuse the pun). We have all experienced the holiday wind down, where it can take us a few days after arrival to fully relax and realise all the stress we left behind is hundreds of miles away.

An important aspect of being able to relax on holiday is peace of mind. For many of us this peace of mind includes being prepared for every eventuality. High up most peoples priority list is, ‘what if someone gets ill?’ For the vast majority of tourists there is never any need to call upon the services of one of Mallorca’s Doctors, but here’s what you need to know in case you ever do need to.

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What are the Mallorcan Doctors like?

Spanish healthcare is very good. In the latest European survey Spain was ranked 2nd in Europe, whilst the UK was ranked 14th. Whether you’re seeing a private Doctor using your travel insurance, or even if you have need to use one of the local A & E departments, you will receive a very good service.

Do the Doctors speak English?

With the high volume of tourists who visit the island you would find it harder to find a Doctor who doesn’t speak English. In nearly all parts of the island there are either English native or English speaking Doctors available 24 hours a day. This is particularly true of the areas more heavily tourism based.

How do I contact them?

When you’re booking your villa holiday with Balearic Villas we are more than happy to provide details of local services (including Doctors). We can provide you with the contact details of your nearest surgery, most of which also have a 24 hour contact number for out of hours emergencies.

If for any reason you feel you need an ambulance, or more immediate medical attention then you can call the emergency services on the following numbers:

General number                    112 (Equivalent of 999)

Medical Emergencies            061

Fire Brigade                           085

Local/National Police            091/092

Do I have to pay them?

If you need the services of the main Spanish health authority then you simply show them your valid EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) and you will be covered. If like the vast majority of tourists who need help, your medical needs are far less severe, then you can simply go to the local surgery; you will need your travel insurance details. The surgery will then charge any treatment or medication to your insurance company. In some cases you are required to pay the doctors bill, and then claim it back from the insurance company yourself. If this is the case with your own insurance then there is no need to panic, the majority of Doctors prices on the island are very reasonable, with medication being similar or often cheaper than in the UK.

Top Tips

  • Make sure everyone travelling has a valid EHIC card.
  • Have the address of your Villa written down, in case you need to tell someone where you are.
  • Always keep your travel insurance documents handy.
  • Write down the number of the local surgery, along with the above emergency numbers and keep them with your insurance documents.

Whilst all of this is useful information to have, and can give peace of mind to people who like to be prepared, the overwhelming majority of tourists never have any need for medical assistance.

Balearic Villas do their utmost to ensure you have everything you need in order to unwind as quickly as possible, so please just ask if you feel there is something that will help you to relax and enjoy your holiday more.

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