Health Centres in Mallorca

If you need treatment while holidaying in Mallorca, you will find health centres all over the island.

You will find a mixture of private and state run clinics, regardless of which you attend you will find healthcare in Mallorca is very good.  There are general health clinics where you can see a general practitioner, or the specialist ones that deal with different areas of our bodies, such as eye clinics, orthopedic clinics, dental clinics and many more.


Palma has a huge number of clinics, but you will also find them in all the tourist areas and traditional villages and towns.  The Palma and tourist area ones will generally have a doctor that speaks English or an interpreter. You will also soon realise that the Mallorcan population are among the friendliest there are and if you are really stuck with the language barrier, they will find a way to get over this.

english doctors mallorca

Mallorca has a reputation for excellent medical services, with doctors covering every patients needs

Most of the large villages and towns have their own public health centres, with doctors traveling to the smaller villages for a few hours each day.  The doctors here take great care with your health and if they’re in any doubt, you will be sent straight to a local hospital for tests.  It is better if you can make an appointment first, but they will not refuse to see you if you have not got one.

The private clinics tend to be in the tourist areas.  They also will not turn you away without an appointment but they will want to see your travel insurance to make sure their services are covered by your policy.  If they are not, they will refer you to one of the public clinics where your European Health card is sufficient.

If you need to pay to see a doctor in any health centre, the cost is quite reasonable; it is only prolonged stays in hospital and operations that become expensive.

The way Mallorca runs its Health Service is totally different to the UK.  On the island, if a doctor sends you for tests, the results are returned, via computer, in a very short time.  There is little waiting for test results in comparison to the UK, they can be with your doctor, or the hospital doctor, within hours.

Peace of mind

Everyone hopes they will not become ill while holidaying in a Balearic Villas luxury villa, but if you do, at least you will have peace of mind you will be well cared for.

This along with the expertise with which your holiday has been organised by our villa experts can only help in making your Mallorcan Holiday as relaxed and happy as you want it to be.

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Health Centres in Mallorca

If you need treatment while holidaying in Mallorca, you will find health centres all over the island. You will find…...

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