About Churches And Chapels On Mallorca

Aside from the year-round warm climate and numerous blue flag beaches, Mallorca has plenty more to offer visitors to the island.

There is a great deal to discover in the way of churches and chapels on Mallorca, each providing a distinctive look into Mallorca’s colourful religious past. There are sanctuaries, local chapels and majestic cathedrals to enjoy, and with many scattered throughout local communities on the island, you’re never too far from a historic, sacred site with a stay in one of our holiday villas in Mallorca. If you’re looking to infuse your upcoming family holiday in Mallorca with some authentic history, considering paying one of these popular churches or chapels a visit:

palma cathedral

Basilica Sant Francesc

If you are renting a holiday villa in Palma, add a visit to the Basilica Sant Francesc to your list of things to do. Located in the quaint old town of Palma, this 13th century Gothic structure is a sight to behold. There are statues dedicated to famed Mallorcan missionaries both inside and outside the structure, including one dedicated to Mallorca’s most famous son, Father Junipero Serra.

La Seu Cathedral

One of the largest and arguably the most breathtaking cathedrals on the island, La Seu is a beautiful sandstone Gothic building standing in the heart of Palma de Mallorca. The architecture of famed Spanish son Antoni Gaudi is clearly visible, while inside, you can discover paintings, glass windows and a small museum. The view from the top courtyard, gazing out over the crystal clear Mediterranean waters, is not to be missed.

Lluc Sanctuary

If you are renting a holiday villa in Mallorca near to the Tramuntana mountain range, you may be near to the famed Lluc Sanctuary. Out of all the churches and chapels on Mallorca, it is considered by many to be the most sacred site on the island, dating back to the 13th century. It’s elevation means there is a fair amount of hiking involved, but for those ready and able to reach the top, the remains of this iconic, impressive monastery await.

The Monastary at Puig de Maria

If you don’t want to stay at the Puig de Maria, you can still visit this convent as a day trip. Located on top of a hill in Pollensa, this structure retains much of it’s authenticity, and offers spectacular views from the summit.

Speak to us today and discover even more out about the churches and chapels on Mallorca.

BV Palma Cathedral

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