Historical Buildings of Mallorca

There are an abundance of historical buildings and fantastic architecture to see whilst on Mallorca, but none more famous than Palma Cathedral.

Palma Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is a Gothic Roman building located on the site of a pre-existing Arab Mosque. King James l of Aragon started the construction work in 1229, but it was not finished until 1601.  It lies in the oldest part of the city, overlooking the harbour and the Mediterranean Sea.

As well as the mass of religious relics you would expect to see, it is also home to the Royal Chapel, which contains the tombs of King James ll and King James lll of Mallorca. It has one of the world’s largest stained glass windows that measures nearly 12m across and is made of 1236 pieces of glass.

The cathedral opens from 10am, 6 days a week. It is closed to the public on Sundays.

Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle dates back to the early 14thcentury and in its 700 years history has been used as a royal palace and a prison.  The views over Palma from its grounds are amazing, as it sits right above the city on a hilltop.

Visitors have access to two floors, one houses the museum of the cities history and the Armoury Courtyard, the second floor has the kitchen, the throne room, the chapel and a collection of classical sculpture.

Most of the year it opens at 10.00am, but in the summer months on weekdays it opens at 8.00am.

Arab Baths

The Arab bathhouse is the only Islamic built building left in Palma. You enter through a very peaceful walled garden into an elegant arched and domed chamber. You can see where the hot water and steam would have escaped.  It is here there were probably cold rooms as well, but they no longer exist.

It is general opinion that the baths would have been part of the palace of a Muslim nobleman.

They open each day at 9.30am.

Els Calderers de Sant Joan

This is an historical estate rather than just one building.  The mansion and the estate show how life on Mallorca used to be, the first mansion being built in 1285.  It was replaced with a new one in 1750 and you can visit this as well as the workshops, smithy, bakery, laundry and the animal facilities where famous black pigs are kept.

Specialties produced on the estate are on sale to visitors, most of them made in the traditional Mallorcan way.

Real Cartuja de Valldemossa

This was originally the royal palace of King Sancho, but in 1399 the buildings were given to the Real Cartuja de Valldemossa (the Royal Carthusian Monastery).  The monks were expelled in 1835 and the rooms within were rented to visitors. The most famous person to stay there was Chopin, who spent a winter there with his lover and her two children.  The rooms they stayed in have been preserved, and you will find Chopin memorabilia on sale.

These are just a few of the historical buildings on Mallorca; there are hundreds of them, not just in the large cities but also in many of the small villages.  Some of the villagers live in houses that are hundreds of years old.

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