Hiring a car in Mallorca? See our top driving tips.

When it comes to getting around while on holiday, hiring a car in Mallorca is an easy and popular choice. There is an expansive road network throughout the island that connects you to major tourist resorts, remote nature reserves and important landmarks, like the airport, with ease. If you hold an EU driving license you are allowed to drive in Mallorca without requiring any additional permits.

Before hiring a car in Mallorca, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with common terms and phrases that might prove useful on your journey, such as: Motorway – Autopistas Street – Calle Road – Carretera Petrol – Gasolina Fine – Multa Car park – Plaza de parking Road works – Obras de Carretera While knowing the vernacular will help you get around after hiring a car in Mallorca, it’s important to study the road rules to make sure you’re driving safely, and to reduce the chances of receiving a fine. Some important rules of the road

  • In Mallorca, vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • The speed limit on the motorway is 120kph (75mph). On regular roads the speed limit is 90kph, urban roads have a limit of 50kph, and any other thoroughfare will have a speed limited posted.
  • The left lane of the motorway is for overtaking, so unless doing so, drivers should always use the middle or right lane (overtaking in the right-hand lane, or “undertaking”, is illegal).
  • Just like in the UK, driving using a mobile phone is illegal unless it’s via a hands-free device. The Guardia Civil won’t hesitate to fine both locals and tourists for using a mobile while driving, and the same goes for driving with headphones in.
  • Cars often join the motorway at the same point as they exit, which can lead to a lot of congestion and confusion if you’re not paying attention.
  • There is a zero-tolerance attitude towards drink driving. This is heavily enforced, so you may want to designate a driver, or travel to and from dinner via taxi (fines for being over the limit range from 300 to 600 Euros).
  • There are many speed cameras or “radars” throughout Mallorca, however devices that notify drivers of these (including those built-in to Sat Navs) are illegal. Being booked for speeding can mean an on-the-spot fine.
  • Having a Sat Nav in the car can help you find your way around Mallorca. It is possible to bring your own, or you can rent one on the island from your hire car company.
  • Vehicles must at least have third-party insurance, proof of which must be in the vehicle at all times.

Taking The Hassle Out Of Hiring A Car In Mallorca

After you have rented your luxury villa from Balearic Villas, then why not take advantage of some of our extra services, such as allowing us to arrange your car hire for you. Just ask one of our specialist advisors how they can help you today. Hiring a car in Mallorca is a great way to take in the scenery and explore the landscape, an experience that can be made all the more enjoyable by brushing up beforehand on your driving knowledge. Want to know more about renting a villa in Mallorca? Follow Balearic Villas on twitter for the latest property updates, as well as news from around the island.

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