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This municipality is home to numerous white sand beaches, many stretching for several kilometres, providing sun-seekers with ample space to find the perfect spot and relax.

Located towards the island’s south peninsula, Santanyi is one of the most popular areas with nature lovers visiting the island. If you’re looking for a holiday villa or apartment to rent in Santanyi, then the team at Balearic Villas have all the local knowledge, and fantastic properties, you could ever need. They will carefully select your luxury villa to perfectly match your holiday requirements.

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Luxury villa rentals in Santanyi, Mallorca

Mallorca’s famed Mondragó Natural Parc is also located in Santanyi, contributing to the area’s overall reputation for being home to some of the best natural beauty on the island. At Balearic Villas, we have a number of holiday villas in Santanyi in which you can plan the perfect visit to this lush, green area. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy walks, biking, sunbathing and overall rejuvenation, a holiday villa in Santanyi will certainly hit the mark.

Archaeological finds from the area suggest that Santanyi dates back to around 1229, but the first mention of it in writing doesn’t appear until a year later.

Developed under the rule of King Juame II, the town is today home to old traditional buildings, winding cobbled streets and a town square. There are over 170 archaeological sites in Santanyi, the findings of which reveal it’s history as a predominantly agricultural town. Today, much of this remains, as Santanyi has managed to remain relatively unaffected by the tourist influx that has been prevalent in other parts of Mallorca. There are many beautiful buildings to behold during a wonder through the town, including the Church of San Andres (St. Andrew), built in 1786. This can be found in the main town square, Placa Major, along with the town hall, dating back to 1705. But while the architecture is indeed impressive, many holidaymakers visit Santanyi to be close to the Mondragó Natural Parc.

One of the most beautifully preserved natural areas on the island, Mondragó Natural Parc, is home to a vast range of wildlife and ecosystems. The area is particularly popular with bird watchers, who come to catch a glimpse of many rare and endangered species that can be found here. There are hiking trails, cycling paths, white sand beaches, dunes, and more to discover when you visit the park during your family holiday in Santanyi.

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At Balearic Villas, we have a wide selection of holiday accommodation in Santanyi to make your stay a truly enjoyable one.

Whether you need a large villa for a group getaway or family holiday, or a compact apartment if you are travelling alone or as a couple, you’ll find the perfect place to stay for an authentic Mallorcan experience. You’re not restricted by hotel guidelines, opening times or curfews, and can instead enjoy your family holiday in Mallorca at your own pace. And with facilities such as swimming pools, Wi-Fi and other mod-cons throughout each property, it’s easy to feel at home as you discover this beautiful part of the island.

To find out more about booking any one of our properties in Santanyi, get in touch with the Balearic Villas booking team today.

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