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Fantastic winter and off-peak villas, perfect for relaxing or active holidays in the sun

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Luxury holiday villas for winter sun and fun in Mallorca

There is a great difference in availability and property suitability between the summer and winter months. Although Mallorca is Blessed with many days of year-round sunshine, the temperatures during winter can sometimes drop and feel rather chilly. We know which villas are best equipped for stays during the cooler months so we can maximise the enjoyment and comfort of your stay.

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Villas with heated pool to rent in Mallorca

Mallorca exceeds all expectations of the modern-day visitor, especially when it comes to comfort whatever the weather. Some activities and pastimes are difficult during the hot summer months which opens the door to many off-peak travellers who relish outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking while surrounded by nature and stunning scenery.

The island is the perfect winter holiday destination for those wanting to escape mass tourism and instead enjoy Mallorca´s beauty spots and abundance of facilities without long queues and overcrowded car parks. Many restaurants and cafes choose to stay open during the winter season, and life in Palma continues at a comfortable pace with fewer people on the streets and terraces.

We understand your need for creature comforts and can recommend villas that have central heating, reversible air-conditioning, or a cosy fireplace in the living room to offer additional warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Your wellbeing is paramount, and we cover all aspects, right down to warmer bedding and cosy duvets. Some villas may even have heated pools and exterior heaters, enabling you to spend more time outside.

Find out which of our holiday rental villas in Mallorca is best for your off-peak break.

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