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First class services tailored to your every need during your holiday stay in Mallorca

We have a superb selection of luxury holiday villas to rent in Mallorca and our knowledge of international visitors enables us to satisfy even the most discerning clients. Once you let us know your requirements and wishes, we can advise or organise the exact services you´ll need to make the most of your stay.

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Mallorca has become a wonderful metropolitan island with international visitors looking to live, work and holiday here. Many have their own businesses providing bespoke goods and services to every industry sector from restaurants, catering and interior design to fashion, fitness training and massage therapy to name but a few. The benefit to our clients is that we can provide home comforts and extra services necessary for a totally relaxing break. Additional charges may apply, so please let us know what you need, and we can advise you of the cost.

Facilities such as a babysitter may be useful if you want a romantic night out, we can even provide one who speaks your language for extra convenience. Maybe you want to have your shopping done and unpacked or treat yourself to a dining experience with an in-house cook, we can organise for pre-prepared meals of any size to be delivered or provide expert staff who will cater for you all day long with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can even request butler/maid services for an authentic VIP experience.

We can suggest a list of top restaurants to suit your palate or inform you of any local shows, concerts or fiestas that are taking place for you to enjoy during your stay. In addition, we can recommend the best medical specialists or car rental companies if we know in advance. No detail is too small for us to make your dream holiday in Mallorca a reality.

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