S’Albufera Nature Reserve

Mallorca is an island known for it’s natural beauty, and if you plan on making the most of it during your family holiday in Mallorca, make sure to pay the S’Albufera Natural Park a visit.

Located towards the northeast coast of the island, the S’Albufera Natural Park is a must-visit for nature lovers, particularly bird watchers. Ornithologists have long made a point of visiting this area, as a number of rare and endangered species pass through as part of their migratory route. Even if you are not a “twitcher” by trade, the colourful and distinctive birds that can be spotted in these wetlands are sure to amaze. In fact, it is estimated that over 230 species have been spotted in the park, making it a great place to learn and discover a range Balearic wildlife.


What to see and do

The park itself spans over 4,000 acres, and is nothing short of a nature lover’s heaven.

Declared a Special Protection Areas for Birds (ZEPA) almost thirty years ago, S’Albufera Natural Park is a prime place to spot rare birds like purple herons, herriers and kestrels. There are numerous bird-watching hides, where you’ll find enthusiasts on the lookout for some rare species, as well as a welcome centre complete with audio visual guides. Even if you are not a bird enthusiast, there are plenty of hiking and cycling trails to enjoy. You can spend hours walking throughout the grounds, as there are a number of sign posted hiking routes that make it easy to navigate. Make sure to keep an eye out for flora, fauna and other greenery found within the wetlands.


If you are renting one of our holiday villas in Alcudia, you won’t be far from the wetlands. We also have a number of holiday villas in C’an Picaford, nearer to the grounds. The park is easily accessible via main roads and clearly signposted, and there is a free cark park a short walk away from the main grounds. The park offers free entry, but asks visitors sign in at reception before entering. To find out more about this majestic natural area, or to enquire about booking a holiday villa in Mallorca, give us a call today.

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