Bus Services on Mallorca

The bus services on Mallorca are a pleasant experience compared to many modes of public transport in other countries.  The buses are clean, tidy and reliable, it is rare they are late, and they travel to most towns and villages on the island. They are also a cheap form of transport usually costing just a few euros.

A bus can be caught at any authorised bus stop, which has a Balearic Islands Transport (TIB) sign.  The timetables, if not shown on the bus stop, are available from the TIB offices in the Palma bus station or by calling 971 177777.

There are also bus stations in Inca and Manacor.

Bus services on Mallorca are part of the Mallorca Transport Consortium (CTM). This is a public body created with the purpose of designing, establishing and maintaining a public transport system on the island.  The CTM principally includes the buses, trains and tubes, and there are tickets you can buy from the stations that allow you to travel on all three.

Palma has its own bus service, most of which either start or finish at Placa Espana in Palma, where you will find the EMT ticket office.  EMT, who runs the Palma bus service, sells a 10-journey ticket at a discounted rate. This can be bought either from their offices or from tobacco shops. You do not need to buy a ticket beforehand if you prefer not too, you can pay the drivers as you enter the bus.

The drivers do carry some change but it is best to try and avoid giving them large notes. When you pay the driver it is for a single one-way ticket only.

An Alternative Bus

In Palma you also have the option to hop on one of the tourist buses, which are good value for money.  You pay when you get on and can then get on and off all day at no extra cost.  If you want to spend the day sightseeing in Palma they are a brilliant way to get around, stopping at many of the main attractions such as Bellver Castle, the Cathedral, and the Royal Palace, which has been standing since the Arab conquest, and is still home to the Royal Family.

Each ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time of purchase, which enables you to use it to see the nightlife of Palma as well.

If you decide to stay on the bus for the whole tour, it will take approximately 80 minutes.  It has a pre-recorded commentary in 8 languages including English, French and German.

For less than 20 euros for adults, and 10 euros for children and senior citizens, this 24 hour unlimited travel is money well spent. Senior citizens have to be 60 years old or over to get the discounted rate, and the childrens rate applies to 8 – 16 years olds.

When you are staying in one of the luxury properties on offer from Balearic Villas, travelling around the island of Mallorca by bus is easier than in many other countries.  Although the services to some of the smaller villages are only twice daily, you can rely on them to be there as and when they should be.

They are like Balearic Villas, you can rely on us to provide you with the best service around, and to use the experience and expertise we have gained over the last 15 years to ensure when we’re organizing your luxury accommodation, our friendly team of multilingual holiday villa experts will keep the process as simple and pleasant as possible.

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