Car Hire on Mallorca

If you really want to get out and explore all this fabulous island has to offer, then the freedom offered by a hire car is most peoples first choice. If you want to hire a car while on holiday in Mallorca, we always recommend you pre-book it, especially in the summer months when demand is high.  Before you decide what type of car to hire, remember a lot of Mallorcan roads are small, some of the country lanes and village streets are very narrow.  It can be an advantage to have a small car in Mallorca, unless you have a large family or group with many bags. Even then sometimes, it can still be advantageous to get 2 or 3 small cars than one big one.

All the large car rental companies have desks at Palma Airport, but you should be aware that the queues (and waits) can be long, and after waiting for your luggage, you may well be faced with another long wait to pick up your car. Many hire companies offer an express service, which effectively means you can jump the queue. This might seem like an unnecessary expense when you book the car, but it can be a godsend when you get off the plane.

There are of course Mallorcan rental companies as well, most of them tend to be a short distance from the airport and often they supply a shuttle bus to their offices and car lots.  Their rates are competitive, and they generally do not have queues a mile long.

All the care hire companies, whether at the airport or not, have a huge range of vehicles for hire; you will certainly have no lack of choice.  As well as the cars we all normally hire, classic cars and super cars can be rented on the island for those who want something a little special.

One word of warning though, read your terms and conditions when you book your car hire to see what it says about fuel.  You may think you have a great deal for a week’s hire, only to be charged additional money for a tank of fuel when you collect the car.  You also need to see if you should return the car with a full or empty tank as this does differ between companies, and not all companies will reimburse you for any petrol left in the tank.

When you rent a villa from us at Balearic Villas we will help you all we can.  It is just one of the extra services we can provide upon request, along with a chef in your luxury accommodation, or a massage or a spa day among other things.

With over 15 years experience in Mallorcan holidays, we know how important these extras can be to tailor your holiday so it’s as perfect and as memorable as possible.


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