Hiring a Scooter on Mallorca

Hiring a scooter is a great way to get to see Mallorca, and cheaper than hiring a car. They can be hired for one day or for a month, but in the summer months you may need to pre-book because of high demand.

You can hire either a 50CC or 125cc scooter, but only the 125s are allowed on the motorways. You have to be over 21 to hire one this size.  You need to be 16 or over to hire the 50cc models.  When hiring bigger capacity scooters some renters will want at least three years clean licence to let you hire a scooter.

Most of the hire companies offer modern well maintained scooters, 24-hour breakdown assistance and full medical insurance, some of them at no extra cost.


It is illegal to ride a scooter on Mallorca without a helmet, and for a small extra charge you can hire a second helmet for any potential passengers. The more comprehensive insurance is also worth the relatively small extra charge. The police will fine you for not wearing a helmet.  Many of the hire companies will deliver and pick up the scooter from your accommodation, some charge for this service and some offer this for free.

To hire a scooter, as with hiring any type of vehicle on Mallorca, you will need your driving licence and passport as proof of identification. It is important that you read the rental agreement before signing so that you do not fall foul of anything that is different from your own country. Most companies will give you training on how to operate the scooter before you set out.

Once you have hired your scooter, you will be able to travel all round the island, the way many of the locals do.  You will have no trouble with the streets that are too narrow for cars, and parking will be easy, especially as many towns have designated areas especially for them.

You will be able to ride along the coastal roads and see some breathtaking views, as well as pass through many of the small villages along the routes.  You could go into Palma to see the sights. Ride up to Bellver Castle and see Palma from above, as well as the other stunning vistas this location offers.

You will not have to sit in traffic as you ride around the island, perhaps to visit Pollenca or Alcudia.  The roads to such places have a backdrop of mountains, many of which have roads running through or over them.

Hiring a scooter can add to the enjoyment of your holiday when you are staying in luxury accommodation rented from Balearic Villas.  We have 15 years experience renting out villas on Mallorca, which has given us the expertise to make organising your holiday experience as pleasant as possible.

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