Plan your visit to Bellver Castle

Looking to discover a bit of Mallorca’s history during your stay in one of our holiday villas in Palma? Get ready to plan your visit to the majestic Bellver Castle.

This stunning Gothic hilltop castle dates back to the 14th century, and is today one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Once used as a prison, the castle is now the site of the city’s History Museum, and is filled with interesting artefacts representative of Mallorca’s rich and varied history. With a trip to Bellver Castle, you’ll also be rewarded with one of the most incredible feats of architecture, along with fantastic views of the sprawling capital city beneath. If you are renting a holiday villa in Palma and are in want of a fun, family-friendly activity to enjoy, a trip to Bellver Castle is sure not to disappoint.

Enjoy a fun-filled day in Bellver Castle

Construction began on the castle in 1300 under the direction of King Jaume II.

The castle is widely regarded as being unique owing to it’s circular design, and is a must-visit for architectural enthusiasts. Once you drive through the surrounding greenery and arrive at Bellver Castle, there are three main towers to explore, along with the main courtyard. The castle was used as both a royal residence and a prison for many years, holding a number of high-profile prisoners captive. Today, visitors can learn about this period of usage along with more about Mallorca’s history thanks to the on-site museum. There are artefacts that date back to the many different periods of occupation seen by the island, and once at the top courtyard, a magnificent view of Palma Bay awaits. Meaning literally “beautiful view’, Bellver is a stunning, symbolic piece of Mallorcan heritage not to be missed.

Bellver castle

If you are staying in or around Palma in a luxury holiday villa, you can easily access Bellver Castle with a short drive. The castle is a fifteen-minute drive from the centre of town (bus service is also available), and has convenient opening hours so that you can spend a full day discovering this incredibly structure. With our well-appointed holiday villas in Mallorca, you are never too far from incredible attractions such as Bellver Castle. To find out more about planning your visit, give the friendly team at Balearic Villas a call today.

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