Plan your visit – Puig de Randa

If you plan on taking part in a little hiking or biking during your upcoming holiday in Mallorca, Puig de Randa is a destination not to be missed.

Popular with cyclists especially, Puig de Randa is a hill standing 540m high, located in the municipality of Algaida. The hill is famed for many reasons, such as being the site of the first hermitage on the island, the sensational views from the summit, as well as the enchanting trails that lead you to the top. Today many cyclists choose to train along the winding routes up to the summit, but it is accessible for pedestrians as well as by car. If you are staying in a holiday villa in Llucmajor, you won’t be far from the Puig de Randa (sometimes called Randa Hill), and if you are looking to explore a little of the island’s history whilst enjoying what are often hailed as the best views of Mallorca, a trip to the top is certainly called for.

Make the most of your trip to Puig de Randa

The Santuari de Cura, dating back to 1275, can be found on top of the Puig de Randa.

This small hermitage was founded by Ramon Llul, who founded the sanctuary and consequently spent his remaining years within it, in complete isolation. Today, visitors can explore the remains of the structure, and see some of Llul’s original manuscripts. There is also a small church and museum available for guests to enjoy. If you’re looking to take in some spectacular scenery whilst staying in one of our holiday villas in Mallorca, a hike to the top of this impressive hill is the answer. On a clear day, you can see near enough all of the island, ranging from the capital of Palma to the sprawling Tramuntana mountains and just about everything in between. Many believe that these incredible views are best enjoyed from the café, also found at the top of the island.

Puig de randa

The ascent to the top is nicknamed “Cura” by the cycling community, and can be either an enjoyable or more challenging ride depending on the route you choose. The hill is located between Llucmajor and Algaida, and can be accessed by car from the PM-501, the main road linking the two towns. However you choose to visit, if you are staying in a nearby holiday villa in Mallorca, plan a day out to one of the most sensational examples of natural beauty on the island.

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