Mallorca – the secret jewel of the Mediterranean

When first invited to visit Mallorca some 25 years ago, I like many people had visions of ‘Kiss me quick’ hats, lager louts and cheap seaside resorts. However, I have to confess, the prospect of spending two weeks in a luxury villa rental tipped the balance and before you could say ‘call Stelios’ the flights were booked.

With some trepidation we arrived in the heat of mid July, two families with 5 children between us, to a fairly rural spot just outside of Pollensa. Close enough to the amenities and the action, yet remote enough to allow the children some freedom. We had made a perfect choice of both villa and location.

Contrary to my low expectations, what first struck me about Majorca was how lush and green it was. Travel out of the frenetic steamy capital of Palma and the scenery changes quite rapidly into beautiful countryside. Heading north, you pass through the wine making region of Binnisalem and Santa Maria. For a moment I thought I was in Tuscany. The sleepy villages cling to the hillside, breath takingly beautiful, basking in the heat – Not a sniff of a lager lout nor indeed the whiff of chip paper.

It’s impossible not to be stunned by the magnificence of the Tramuntana mountains which run along the backbone from SW to NE of the Island. Striking in size and imposition, they change colour and definition daily depending on the weather and humidity.

Not only is the scenery of Mallorca eclectic and diverse, so is the range and accessibility of activities available to keep the most fractious child (or indeed needy parent) happy.

The days were spent either by the pool, or on the beautiful local beach, which was clean and had every facility one could possibly need. Sailing, wind surfing, volley ball, tennis, we did the lot (mostly in 30 degree heat).

On a few of the nights we had baby sitters arranged and after a quick high tea at 6 (actually that makes it sound a bit grand – it was more likely McDonalds!) we were able to go out for the evening leaving the exhausted kids at home. This island is blessed with so many high class restaurants, bars and nightclubs, it was a delight. The kids were happy and so were we.

It amazes me to this day that people arrive in Majorca – travel by coach from Airport to their resort and at the end of 2 weeks, get back on the same coach to return home without an inkling of what is out there. Lucky for us, we know better!

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