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Mountain Biking Mallorca: Best Coastal Tracks

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Mallorca’s year round climate and fantastic landscape make it the ideal destination for mountain biking enthusiasts.

The Tramuntana mountain range is the training ground for many professional road-riding teams, but less known is the equally impressive mountain bike routes. The island is also blessed with miles of spectacular coastline that’s perfect for those who like to get off the beaten track and explore some of the less visited areas.

The climate of Mallorca also makes it perfect for those who would rather visit out of season, avoiding the heaviest tourist season and the highest temperatures.

Route Ideas

There are plenty of routes and trails for the novice. The more technical tracks tend to be around the Tramuntana mountain range, so if you choose one around the East coast or by the bays of Pollenca and Alcudia, you will have an easier time of it. There are several in this region with moderate climbs along the bay of Pollenca and Alcudia, and through into the Albufera Nature Park. There is also an abundance of fantastic trails around the East coast region surrounding Arta.

The region around Soller offers some of the most challenging riding on the island, and the coastal route is no exception. One such route begins at Coll Des Cards-Colers and descends down to Cala Tuent. On the route you will ride past the famous Sa Calobra section of road and take in some of the most breathtaking scenery the island has to offer. Once the descent is completed the route takes you back to Soller along the Balitx Valley. This is quite a technical route that might not be suitable for a novice.

The Soller valley itself offers an abundance of options. There are plenty of quiet road sections coupled with very technical stretches that will challenge and delight you. Following a route from the Soller valley towards Cala Deia will reward you with more stunning scenery and some fabulous descents.

Coast biking mallorca


The landscape of Mallorca is very rocky, and the coastal routes are often a bit sandy as well. As Mallorca doesn’t average much rainfall, when itdoes happen everything gets very slippery, and can make some of the routes quite hazardous. Be sure to take care, or alternatively wait until it dries up, which depending on the time of year can be surprisingly fast.


Much of Mallorca is still privately owned, so it is important to stick to the designated trails. If you do find yourself on private land and someone asks you to leave, please do so as politely as possible. People hiking also use a lot of the trails, if you encounter any please show courtesy by slowing down as you pass them (A friendly Buenos Dias, or ‘Ola is never a bad idea either).

Safety first

  • If you’re riding on your own be sure to tell someone where you’re going, and provide them with a couple of times throughout the day when you can call them to check in.
  • Ensure you have a good quality up to date map, or if you own one, a GPS.
  • Ensure you have plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated, especially in the hotter months.
  • Carry a first aid kit and repair kit to take care of any bumps and bruises you or the bike get.

Photos courtesy of Tramuntana Tours.

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