Rock climbing in Mallorca
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Rock climbing in Mallorca

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If you are planning an adventure holiday in Mallorca, take some time to explore the fantastic rock climbing the island has to offer.

The mountainous setting of Mallorca provides plenty of crags and routes for established, experienced climbers, while there are many adventure companies that have arranged routes designed for beginners. Rock climbing is not only a great way to enjoy an adrenaline rush on holiday, but the varied location of the routes makes it a great way for you to see the multifaceted landscape of the island. Available all year round, rock climbing in Mallorca is a fantastic way to spend a day out on holiday.

We have hand-picked a number of holiday villas in Mallorca to be close to some of the best sport and action on the island, including rock climbing. A number of routes can be found throughout the Tramuntana mountain range, and we have a number of holiday properties that get you close to these and many other climbing hot spots, such as:

Cala Magraner

Cala Magraner is a part of the island known for it’s fantastic climbing, located to the southeast near to Felantix. It is especially popular with holidaymakers as there are flat areas that are great for novice climbers, as well as more complex slabs for the pros to navigate.

Sa Gubia

Often hailed as the primary spot for climbing in Mallorca, Sa Gubia has plenty to offer climbers of all experience levels. It is one of the largest crags on the island, located in the Tramuntana range. If you are renting a holiday villa in Valldemossa, this varied rock-face is not far away. Since gaining popularity with climbers in the 1980s, Sa Gubia has remained the most frequented rock climbing spot ever since.


If you are renting a holiday villa in Palma, you are about 9 miles south of Bunyola, a small town home to one of the most celebrated crags on the island. Fraguel is a mecca for climbing enthusiasts, and this imposing, peach-coloured rock has numerous routes of ascension. Seasoned climbers can spend an entire holiday scaling the rock in different ways!

Did you know that Mallorca is one of Europe’s premier destinations for deep water soloing (DWS)? Some of the best climbers in the world visit Mallorca each year to tackle the varied routes, especially along the eastern coast of the island. With that said, no matter your level of skill and experience, there are plenty of places to indulge in world-class climbing throughout Mallorca.

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