The Caves and Coves of Mallorca
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The Caves and Coves of Mallorca

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Beauty abounds on the island, especially in the many caves and coves of Mallorca

Remarkable stalactites hang from the top of many underwater coves, a lot of which have been beautifully lit to showcase the stone and turquoise blue waters in all their glory. If you are looking to get off the tourist path and are ready to discover what lies beneath, there are a number of spots to enjoy, especially along the north coast. If you are planning to stay in a holiday villa in the Balearics, make sure you find the time to visit at least one of the caves and coves of Mallorca.caves and coves of mallorca

Cuevas del Hams

One of the smaller caves on the island, Coves del Hams were discovered in 1905. An electrical lighting system was installed shortly after, beautifully displaying the many stalactites and stalagmites. During a guided tour, you can enjoy a light show set to classical music to marvel at the beauty of these caves, whilst learning about the history of the area and about the discoverer of the caves, Pedro Caldentey. If you are hiring a luxury holiday villa in Manacor, you are close to these and one of the other larger cave systems on the island…

Cave de hams
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Cuevas del Drach

Dubbed the “dragon’s caves”, these limestone caves date back to the middle ages, and are a sight that has to be seen to be believed. Also located in Porto Cristo, Cuevas del Drach feature hundreds of dramatic stalactites that are lit up in spectacular fashion. On the one-hour guided tour, you can learn about the formation of the caves as well as the limestone within, before finishing in Lake Martel, the largest underground lake in Europe.caves and coves of mallorca

Cuevas del Drach Manacor Mallorca
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Coves de Campanet

The coves are located in the northern region of the Serra de Tramuntana range in Mallorca. There are many different “chambers” in the coves, discoverable during a 40-minute guided tour, on which you can learn about how the locals first found the caves, and visit a few chambers that have small water pools.

Caves d’Arta

No stay in a holiday villa in Arta would be complete without a visit to these famous caves. There are both stalactites and stalagmites in this set of underground caves, which date back to the time of King Juame I. There is a light show, a guided tour, and a sea view to enjoy with a trip down into these mysterious caves. As you can see there are many caves and coves of Mallorca just waiting to be explored.caves and coves of mallorcaWant to know more about renting or buying a villa in Mallorca? Follow Balearic Villas on twitter @balearicvillas for the latest property updates, as well as news from around the island.

Caves Arta in Mallorca
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