Palace de La Almudaina
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Palace de La Almudaina

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If you are renting a holiday villa in Palma, it’s easy to plan a trip to the stunning structure that is The La Almudaina Palace.

Originally an Arab fort, the structure underwent a revamp under the supervision of King Jaume II to contain more Gothic elements of architecture, making it a fascinating blend of Gothic and Islamic design. Conveniently located next to Palma Cathedral, it is easy to reach from one of our holiday villas in Palma, and is a worthy point of interest for tourists interested in the colourful past of Mallorca. Visitors can witness the traditional changing of the guard, and explore tapestries and paintings dating back to the 1400s. In addition to the history and the construction, the views are also impressive. Looking out over the capital and the turquoise waters along the shore, you can enjoy one of the best vantage points in the city with a visit to Palace de La Almudaina.

La Almudaina

The Arab occupation of Mallorca has left an imprint on the island, and the style of Palace de La Almudaina is a perfect example of this history. Although the revitalisation of the castle under King Juame II has meant a vast reduction in the Muslim architecture left, there is still some to be admired, especially in the main courtyard. The impressive outdoor area dates back to 1309, and is filled with palm trees along with a stunning fountain of a lion (a remnant of the castle’s rule under Arab “Wālis”, or governors). The royal chapel, Capella de Santa Ana, is small but definitely worth a visit. The S’Hort del Rei gardens (“The King’s Gardens”) lies sheltered beneath the impressive castle walls, and it is here that you can discover statues, water features, and many botanical spots of beauty.

If you are looking for nearby points of interest during a stay in a luxury holiday villa in Palma, Palace de L’Almudaina is an excellent choice. It is easily reached on foot, and the hop-on tourist bus tours stop out front as well. Kids under 5 enter for free, the cost for kids aged 5-16 is €4, while the general entrance fee is €9. Visitors have the option to pay extra for a guided tour, and the palace is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00am – 6.30pm. To find out more about this or any of the other tourist attractions near our holiday villas in Mallorca, contact the Balearic Villas booking team today.

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