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Caves on Mallorca

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With the mountainous terrain of Mallorca, it is inevitable there will be stunning caves, and there are several that are open to the public.

Caves del Drach, Porto Christo

Caves del Drach (The Dragon Caves) are probably the best known of the Mallorcan cave networks. Situated on the edge of Porto Christo, they have become one of the top tourist sights on the island, and many thousands flock to them every year. The tour of the caves starts with roughly a 2km walk along smooth paths. There are guides, who speak four different languages, to tell you about the various formations and to answer any questions you may have. Eventually, you reach a large cavern that has the largest underground lake in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. Here you will be treated to a classical music concert while you sit and relax before taking a short boat ride to the exit.

Caves del Hams, Porto Christo

This is not a dissimilar excursion to Caves del Drach, except the formations are different. You still have the walk and the classical concert, but with a slightly different layout. These caves are a popular venue for weddings and parties.

Gleda-Camp des Pou, Manacor

This is ones of the longest known underwater cave systems known in Europe, at over 13km in length.

Caves D’Arta, Arta

Smugglers, hermits and pirates used the Caves D’Arta some years before they were finally studied and chronicled in 1876. They have been known about for centuries, the Christians found 2000 Muslims and their sheep inside the caves during the Christian conquest of the island. There are many underground caverns with many different types of stalagmites and stalactites, all explained on the guided tour. The special effects make this tour seem magical as you wonder through the numerous caves, some of which have names like Hell, Paradise and Purgatory. Many visitors say that if you have to time to visit only one lot of caves while on Mallorca, this should be the one.

Coves De Campanet, Campanet

These caves are in the north of Mallorca in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains. This is a tour of about 40 minutes on which you will see some of the finest stalagmites and stalactites in Europe. They are said to have been the inspiration for several great artists and poets. The caverns here have more romantic names than at Arta, such as the Romantic Chamber, the Enchanted Chamber and the Palm Tree Chamber.

Genova Caves

These are some of the smallest caves on Mallorca, but very interesting none the less. There are guided tours with knowledgeable guides. Natacha Rambova, who was the widow of Rudolph Valentino, first prepared them for visitors in 1906.

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